Program Description

Developmental Guidance Program
for School-Aged Students thru College

EEA (Educational Enrichment Assistance) is a motivational program that serves to guide students into higher level academic achievement and engagement. Strategies are employed to help participants discover, develop, and put into practice lifelong plans and personal visions. Assistance is tailored to the individual needs of the students, including personalities and learning styles, in accordance with Christian values. The goal of the program is to build self-esteem, self-confidence, and the belief that all people are equally important. That is, to encourage, guide, and support each student, throughout their development and learning.

Program Objectives:

Educational Enrichment Assistance
Program Outline

  • Motivational Strategies
  • Academic Achievement
  • Academic Engagement
  • Improve Thinking Skills
  • Manage Difficult Subjects
I. EEA Assessment: This is the first meeting of the program between parents, student, and facilitator to discuss “informally” the student’s perception of his current classes, teachers, class-mates, and the environment of both his classroom and the school as a whole. We will also discuss the student’s work environment at home; that is, where he does his homework in the house and what distractions may exist in this area. Following this discussion, I will suggest a simple strategy for the student to try, along with our support, in an effort to overcome one or more of the hindrances (as perceived by the student) to his academic success. At this time, I will explain to him God’s reasons for wanting us to learn, grow, and mature as individuals (Genesis 1:26).

    II. EEA Sessions: The purpose of these sessions (one hour per week) are to review the student’s class activity to date, including class participation and in-class assignments, homework assignments, and the student’s understanding of his role/responsibilities for success in education. Also, during these sessions we will discuss the effectiveness of our current strategy for overcoming hindrances; to determine whether the strategy needs to be modified or not -- or changed altogether. Finally, I will review with the student his current assignments, due dates, and how he plans to meet those dates. At this point, we will pray (if desired) and ask God to keep us focused on the task at hand and give us favor in our work (Matthew 7:7). As the sessions get under way, there will be time for the student to do some of his work at my facility if he chooses.
    III. EEA Outcomes: Success is measured by the student’s motivation to be:
      CORE Student  
      Hear what students have to say about the Educational Enrichment Program