David Hite Jr. has extensive experience motivating people to be their very best. In addition to his Master's Degree in Educational Psychology, he is a former Senior Engineering Manager and Principal Electrical Engineer for Rockwell Collins, Government Systems, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Whether advancing Christian Discipleship through his Children's Bible Training (CBT) program, improving the academic performance of students with Educational Enrichment Assistance (EEA), or engaging people of all ages through Martial Arts Instruction, David is committed to making a positive, Christ centered impact in the lives of others. He developed his C.A.R.E. Learning Model to share a proven, effective method of engaging students of all ages. Whether you are an educator or parent, the presentation below will help you learn more about this common sense teaching method.  

If you are an educator looking for more detailed information about David Hite's teaching philosophy, the complete thesis can be viewed here.